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Manas Aiyly complex to be signed off to Bishkek City Administration

Manas Aiyly complex is to be signed off to the Bishkek City Administration. The Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic made this proposal.

The erection of Manas Aiyly was timed to the World Celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the epic Manas in 1995. After the construction, the cultural and ethnographic complex was on the books of the Bishkek City Administration.

Later, on July 1, 1999, it was signed off to of the general directorate of Bishkek Free Economic Zone. However, the maintenance of Manas Aiyly turned out to be unprofitable. The complex is not connected with the production activity of the FEZ.

It is offered to sign it off to the Bishkek City Administration to further improve the technical condition and efficiency of operation of the facility.