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How Manas Aiyly complex dying

Do we really revere the epic Manas? Such a question will ask anyone who visits the ethnographic complex Manas Aiyly, located in the southern part of the capital, not far from the former Exhibition of Economic Achievements. The seen convinces that there are only talks about it, and the complex is dying in the meantime.

Does fur coat cost its price?

The complex is located in the elite district of Bishkek. Its eastern part has Issyk-Kul hotel, which has been closed for several years. From the south, it is easy to reach the hills of Chon-Aryk village, the southern part is actively built up by mansions, and its western part is surrounded by Bishkek Free Economic Zone (FEZ).

The entrance to the complex is paid. It costs 20 soms for adults and 10 soms — for children. Not much, is not it? However, the price corresponds to the deplorable state of the complex now.

Plaster falls off from almost every architectural object, there are no unbroken stairs. All of them crumble. The plaster also falls from the tower. And the cellar behind it gradually turns into a garbage can.

The only entertainment for rare visitors, except for wedding processions, is a kind of pet corner. Turkeys and peacocks are cackling in a small aviary. Children’s swing next to it is almost disassembled.

There is also «three-room» yurt, which is closed for winter time.

Fortunately, there are unbroken benches for visitors and new paved road that was laid last year. There is also a summer bar, but it’s mostly for weddings. Despite the obvious signs of destruction, limousines with newly married never stop coming here.

When businessmen are entrusted with history

As the employees of the ethnographic complex told, the territory belongs to FEZ «Bishkek», which pays to the security, cashiers at its own expense.

«The complex itself was built to the 1000th anniversary of the Manas epic — in 1995. The last time repairs were made in 2010," the workers of the complex said.

According to them, originally, the object belonged to Bishkek City Hall, but later it was completely transferred to the balance of the free economic zone.

Today, Manas Aiyly looks like it was built in ancient times, practically during the life of the Baatyr himself. Be it so, the complex would be stronger, because people used to build for ages.

But the descendants of Manas, for the sake of whom he performed his feats, simply abandoned the object, buried it in oblivion.