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Rally held in front of White House in Bishkek

Disgruntled citizens repeatedly gathered at the White House in Bishkek. This time — they are the residents of new developments in Chui region, demanding a transformation of their land plots.

«This is our private property, we have green books and want to get red books. In 2008, the rural administration and the rural council issued a decision to transfer the land from the category «farmland» to the category «settlements,» but on June 31, 2009, a moratorium was introduced. Since then, our issue remained unresolved, we sow nothing on the fields, the yield is low, nothing grows there. We can not build houses. The government, the Parliament promise to solve our question, but nothing changes. They form a commission after a commission, we are already tired,» one of the residents of Ak-Ordo told 24.kg news agency.

She added that the issue was considered today at a meeting of the relevant parliamentary committee. «Our further actions will depend on their decision,» the woman said.

Police officers maintain order at the scene.