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Abdil Segizbaev tells about resignation and why he does not leave country

The former chairman of the State Committee for National Security, Abdil Segizbaev, in an interview with Delo No. newspaper, told why he resigned and dispelled rumors about his departure from Kyrgyzstan.

Ex-head of SCNS admitted that the decision to leave his post was not spontaneous. It was well-thought-out decision. The official said that he left with a feeling of a duty fulfilled. At the same time, Abdil Segizbaev did not mention the reasons for his resignation.

«I was realistic about my actions, as well as when I came to the office. I do not regret my decision. Our officials need to learn how to leave posts, and to leave them worthy,» said Abdil Segizbaev.

However, he denied rumors that he was going to leave Kyrgyzstan. Now the ex-head of SCNS is in the country. Moreover, he is not going to leave the public life of the republic either.

As one of his main achievements, the head of the SCNS, Abdil Segizbaev mentioned ensuring the peaceful transfer of power in the presidential elections in 2017.

Abdil Segizbaev was dismissed from the post of the head of the State Committee for National Security on April 7, 2018 according to the submitted notice of resignation.