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Portal of specially protected natural territories proposed to be created in KR

Kyrgyzstan needs a single information field for the private sector, government agencies and the media. Such conclusions are included in the report «Informing the private sector of Kyrgyzstan on the global environmental conventions of Rio,» prepared by Independent Environmental Expertise NGO.

According to Deputy Director of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry Arsen Ryspekov, it is necessary to create a logistics information portal with a map of specially protected natural areas. This will allow mining companies to obtain information on places for doing business.

He stressed the importance of feedback from business, noting that the state agency is waiting for proposals from it.

The Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nurlan Musuraliev supported the proposal and expressed the readiness of the business community to get involved in the process.

«The most informed representatives of the private sector about environmental activities are mining companies, since their activities are directly related to environmental impact. Small and medium businesses are less well informed about Kyrgyzstan’s environmental legislation, and farmers do not know it at all, although their activities directly affect land degradation and desertification,» the NGO noted.