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Experts about flaws and gaps in law on access to information

The law on access to information held by state bodies and local self-government bodies does not apply to everyone. Independent expert Chynara Musabekova announced at a round table discussion today in Bishkek.

According to the Constitution, everyone is guaranteed access to information held by state bodies, local authorities and their officials.

The second article on access to information indicates that it regulates the access of individuals and legal entities to information. Everyone has the right to access information.

However, other provisions of the law apply only to citizens, legal entities, organizations.

«The fact that the law applies to both individuals and legal entities is welcomed. But it is better to say clearly that it applies to both citizens and foreigners,» Chynara Musabekova stressed.

It is noted that the aforementioned law contains not entirely clear provisions. There is no specific definition of «information» notion.

«For example, the third article refers to «information held by state bodies and local self-government bodies», which can be interpreted differently by different persons. It is unambiguously unclear whether the notion covers emails, photographs and videos,» the expert noted.