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Insurers of motor transport: No queues for insurance certificates

There are no queues of taxi and minibuses drivers, wishing to pay for insurance. The Chairman of the Board of the National Insurance Company Enver Khavazov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, there are not more than a hundred people in the insurance company to purchase the certificate. There are a little more than 1,000 such people all over the country, Enver Khavazov noted.

«According to the existing data, the strike is organized only because of «short term» for obtaining compulsory insurance certificates. Tariffs and amounts are the second, and maybe the third, question,» said Enver Khavazov.

He added that the insurance campaign has started a long time ago, and a warning about fines was shown on central TV channels, in particular on OTRK, 7-10 days ago. «So, there was enough time to buy insurance,» said Enver Khavazov.

Recall, the minibuses do not serve their routes today. A transport collapse occurred in Bishkek today. Vice Mayor of Bishkek Gennady Militsky called the protest ‘a provocation.’