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People protest against water meters in Aidarken

Today, residents of Aidarken held a rally against installation of water meters. The mayor of the town Mukudilla Mumbayev informed 24.kg news agency.

Previously, local residents told reporters that about 100 people gathered for the protest. The town authorities claim that there were fewer people — only 50-60.

«About 50-60 people came to the mayor’s office of Aidarken town. These are employees of Kommunalschik Aidarken company and other entrepreneurs. I met with them, talked to them. They came with the question why water meters are being installed, why they should pay according to them. I replied that no illegal actions took place. I explained that if the meters are installed, then only legally,» Mukudilla Mumbayev told.

In addition, the citizens demanded to keep Gulshan Ilyazova, the current head of the enterprise, in office. The mayor’s office notes that the issue of her dismissal was not raised. The meeting of shareholders was to take place the day before. However, the meeting did not take place. In 2017, Kommunalschik Aidarken OJSC became one of the ten most inefficient companies according to the Public Supervisory Board under the State Property Management Fund.

The State Property Management Fund told 24.kg news agency that according to the government’s decision dated October 5, 2017, at least 95 percent of the shares of Kommunalschik Aidarken were transferred to the municipal property of the Aidarken administration of Kadamdzhai district. As of today, the State Property Management Fund is not a shareholder of the enterprise.

Kommunalschik Aidarken company supplies the population of Aidarken with cold drinking water and sewerage services, connects facilities to engineering networks and removes solid waste.