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Almost half of bus fleet in Bishkek subject to discarding

Almost a half of Bishkek’s bus fleet is subject to discarding. The Bishkek City Administration presented such data.

At present, the Bishkek passenger transportation company has 455 medium-capacity buses manufactured by the People’s Republic of China (2008-2010), and only 180 units of them are technically operable. 10 buses of large capacity (PRC, 2016) operate on methane along route 42. The rest of the buses run on diesel fuel.

192 buses are technically not operable (subject to discarding). 83 require major repairs.

On average today, 120 buses are working in the capital, which serve 10 routes. The city needs 1,500 buses, 800 — for servicing the city center.

In 2018, the Bishkek City Administration plans to purchase 320-350 buses for 3.5 billion soms at the expense of a loan from Gazprombank JC. They will run on gas.