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Deputies and ministers in Kyrgyzstan also receive state benefit payments

«There are ministers and deputies who also receive state benefit payments,» MP Ainuru Altybayeva said at the session of the Parliament today.

According to her, the bill on state benefits was ill-considered. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development had enough time to study it and express its point of view. She advised the department to initiate a bill, according to which a member of the government or a deputy must refuse to receive benefits for the period of work.

292,000 citizens of Kyrgyzstan receive benefits. The data of the National Statistics Committee indicate that only 92,000 people in the republic are in need. The difference of 200,000 people is those who bought certificates.

Ainuru Altybayeva

First Deputy Prime Minister Askarbek Shadiev partially agreed with the deputy.

«The rich, who have lawyers, receive the benefits. Lawyers prepare papers for them, pay social workers money, and they receive benefits. One needs to change the system. If we change it, then people will thank us,» Askarbek Shadiev said.