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Ernst Akramov: State itself instigates doctors to take bribes

Chui Regional Combined Hospital is working in normal mode. Press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

Earlier, the deputy of the Parliament Aida Ismailova stated that the hospital was divided into two parts. One of them, the Center for Reconstructive and Corrective Surgery, will be under the Ministry of Health.

Health Minister Talantbek Batyraliev met with the staff of the Scientific Center for Reconstructive and Corrective Surgery and discussed with its employees plans for the future, among which is preserving the continuity and development of science, improvement of management and seeking ways to survive, build a new center with all modern conditions for patients and medical personnel.

According to the director of Chui Regional Combined Hospital Bakyt Bolotbekov, the hospital, like the Surgery Center, which is in its structure, works in the normal regime. «All our activities are tied to each other: supply, drugs, patients. Rumors about the division did not come from us,» the director said.

The center employs 30 doctors, there are more than 10 candidates and doctors of sciences. Its base fully corresponds to its status, and we have what to improve.

Director of the Center Ernst Akramov

«We have two more doctoral dissertations. All our theses are defended in Moscow, Novosibirsk, and our diplomas have the status of the Russian level. Thanks to the activities of the administration and the support of the Ministry of Health, we have everything: blood, equipment, medicines. The sore subject is the salary of a health worker and my specialists, in particular.»

Some of them get from 4,000 to 7,000 soms. Well, it’s impossible to live on such money! The state itself instigates doctors to take bribes.

Ernst Akramov

«Let us assume that you are the head of the family and bring home 5,000-6,000 soms. What will your wife tell you? «Get out of here!» And she’s right, because you have to pay for rent, food and clothing, pay for the child in school, and so on. I’ve always received a miserable salary all my life, it should not be. We invest all our strength and energy, but we get a penny. It’s no good. Abroad, for example, a cleaner without education gets 10-20 times more than a doctor with a higher education in Kyrgyzstan. I understand that if there was an opportunity, then other 10 billion soms would be allocated for the salary, but this is not and will not be, and why do we then scold the doctors ?!» Ernst Akramov said.

Yes, we get cognac and cakes, but this is not a solution to the question. The salary should be increased, and this issue should be resolved at the state level.

Ernst Akramov

«The intelligentsia is kept down, and the progress of society can only be observed through the intelligentsia. Without the intelligentsia there will be a vicious circle and absolute darkness,» he added.

«Today, the situation of a teacher, engineer or accountant is not better than that of a health worker,» Talantbek Batyraliev said in a conversation with doctors. «These questions will not be solved by themselves. Today it’s not enough to be a good doctor and work selflessly, but you have to be a good manager, so that it will be comfortable and convenient for patients and for those who work here. A good experience will be indicative for everybody.»