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Kazakhstan stops producing AI 80 gasoline

Gasoline AI80 will no longer be produced for mass consumption in Kazakhstan. This was announced at a briefing by the Director of the Department of Development of the Petroleum Industry of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kuanysh Kudaibergenov, «Kazinform» reported.

«AI 80 has repeatedly been commented that in the framework of modernization of one of the effects of the work will be the production of engine oils standard K-4, K-5. Unfortunately, the gasoline brand AI 80 doesn’t fall under these standards. And its production is already stopped,» Kuanysh Kudaibergenov said.

According to him, the gasoline of this brand is now produced only on a special order. «Only a minimal production of 80th gasoline for a special order for the needs of the defense industry is carried out. AI 80, probably, will not be available at gas stations anymore,» he added.