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Ryskeldi Asankozhoev: Glaciers melt not because of development of Kumtor field

Glaciers in Kyrgyzstan are melting not because of the development of the Kumtor mine. Ryskeldi Asankozhoev, Deputy Director of the Hydrometeorological Center under the Ministry of Emergency Situations, said this today at a round table.

According to him, the state of Lysyi and Davydov glaciers is sad. There were 165 glaciers on Ak-Shyrak massif with a total area of ​​436 km. The air temperature constantly rises. For 70 years it has grown by 1 degree. The amount of precipitation decreased. Statistics show that the ice melts more than the fallout of precipitation. The area of ​​glaciers reduced by 12.5 percent.

«The scientists conducted a study and found out what influences the melting of glaciers. It was found that global warming affected the state of glaciers by 93 percent. Only 6.8 percent — development of the Kumtor deposit. Scientists recommend companies not to place empty dumps in ice stream,» Ryskeldi Asankozhoev said.

He added that Lysyi glacier is partially covered by ore masses. There was technogenic impact on it. Scientists came to the conclusion that most of the aeolian dust in the ambient air near Kumtor comes from outside, and only a small part of it comes from blasting operations.