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Water Code amendments. Why glaciers are not sources of clean water

It is necessary to take into account environmental aspects, if we talk about the economic development of Kyrgyzstan. Parliament deputy Rada Tumanbaeva announced at a round table discussion at 24.kg news agency.

She noted that she supported the proposal of colleagues to revise the Water Code. Recall, Ata Meken party proposed to eliminate the norm allowing industrial use of Davydov and Lysyi glaciers located in Kumtor working zone.

«Speaking about the development of the economy, we do not take into account environmental aspects. We remember about ecology when an issue gets resonance. I am against the use of glaciers. They are freshwater reserves. It is better to wait a bit to develop the subsoil by environmentally friendly methods,» she said.

Erik Kozhomkulov, a Kumtor representative, did not agree with her, noting that dust accumulated on glaciers, so it was not entirely correct to speak of clean water.

«The background statement says that water will become more expensive than gold in the near future. When is this «near future,» in 30 or 100 years? How will it be changed into gold? Clean drinking water can not be taken from glaciers. We have a lot of dust accumulated on glaciers — up to 2,000 tons per year. And it is not from Kumtor. Winds bring it from different deserts. Huge funds are needed to get clear drinking water from a glacier,» he said.

Glaciologist Ryskul Usubaliev added that there were about 2,000 glaciers in Ak-Shyirak massif, where Davydov and Lysyi glaciers were located. «And they all retreat. This is due to global climate change,» he said.