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EUR 81.33
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Growing dollar forces National Bank to intervene for first time in three months

The growing dollar rate forced the National Bank to intervene for the first time in three months. As reported, the NB of the KR sold currency.

In total, $ 13.2 million were sold with the calculation on the date of the transaction and $ 6,250 million with the calculations different from the date of the transaction. Thus, it totally sold $ 19.45 million.

This is the first intervention of the National Bank since July 2017. It sells dollars for the first time in four months. The current intervention is the largest this year.

The dollar began to rise in price last week. For seven days, it grew in price by 70-80 tyiyn. The intervention yet has no results. The dollar is sold for 69.4-69.55 soms, and bought -for 69.7-69.8 soms. The nominal rate is set at 69,5892 soms (0.57 percent growth per day).