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World Bank advises Kyrgyzstan on improvement of Doing Business indices

The World Bank gave the Central Asian countries recommendations that will help them to improve the indicators in the Doing Business ranking. The Director of Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice in the World Bank Cecile Fruman told today.

According to her, there is a need for 1.1 million new jobs in Central Asia. Therefore, one must create conditions for a favorable business environment. «The countries that have achieved good results, have a strong political will and the ability to organize reforms. They are open to new experiences and partnerships. One of the countries that has achieved colossal results is India,» Cecile Fruman stated.

The reform leader is Georgia, which has conducted 47 reforms. Kazakhstan and Macedonia have implemented 41 reforms. Uzbekistan is one of the top ten reforming countries.

Kyrgyzstan took the 77th place in the ranking. The most memorable reform was the creation of a single base for collateral.

«Information and communication technologies will allow to speed up the issuance of permits. Introduction of the feedback mechanism will help to improve the indicators in the ranking. Officials should be focused on support of the private sector,» Cecile Fruman believes.