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Prime Minister calls on business to ask tricky and difficult questions

Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov called on businessmen to openly and honestly voice tricky and difficult questions. He stated this today at a meeting of the Business Development and Investment Council.

According to him, the new Cabinet wants to change the format of work with entrepreneurs. In particular, the question is that now the government itself will come where business says. The ministers have already confirmed their words by deeds. The meeting of the Investment Council for the first time in the last two years is not taking place in the building of the Government House.

«We must be closer to each other, we must meet with every businessman. I have only one request to you: openly voice those questions that are on the business agenda, so that the government to take steps to address them. Just don’t think that I came to make a fiery speech to inspire you. No, my words are sincere. We clearly realize that if the government can create comfortable conditions for business, then the economy will grow,» the head of the Cabinet noted.

He emphasized that business takes advantage of Eurasian integration. Confirmation is export data. For seven months, it grew by 27.1 percent and the export of goods to the countries of the EEU — by 32.7 percent.

«During my working trip to Chui region, I talked to businessmen. They said that thanks to joining the EEU, they revivied, created new jobs, began to purchase additional equipment, and increased the range of goods. I think this trend will continue,» Sapar Isakov concluded.