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Kyrgyzstan to mark World Water Appreciation Day

Kyrgyzstan will mark the World Water Appreciation Day. Revival of New Culture NGO Er-Toshtuk informed.

According to it, on July 25, people in different countries of the world make a positive message to the water in the form of two phrases: «I love you!», «I thank you!»

«The main goal of the campaign, which will be held on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, is a positive message to the water within 5 minutes to reach in the consciousness of citizens of the country formation of a new model of human life, where happiness is the main criterion of success," the organizers said.

Everyone who wishes, wherever he is, can say a word of gratitude to water. «Aloud or mentally, say the words that awaken positive emotions in your heart, cause a sincere smile. Even if there is no source nearby, address this words to yourself," NGO advised.