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Tax liabilities in Kyrgyzstan reach 2.5 billion soms

In the first half of 2017, tax arrears in Kyrgyzstan reached 2.5 billion soms. Such data was announced today in the course of the board meeting of the State Tax Service.

It is noted that bad debt is estimated at 738.2 million soms — 1,888 taxpayers left debts. This is almost a third of the total debt.

For half a year, the tax authorities forcibly collected 1,687.4 billion soms of debts to the budget.

42,729 tax decisions for 4,526.9 billion soms were handed over to taxpayers for repayment of the debts. Last year, the amount of decision was 2,900 less. 1.45.5 billion soms on 32,773 decisions have already been collected. 1,700 of tax and payment claims were put in to the accounts of taxpayers for a total of 1,205.9 billion soms. The budget received 226.7 million soms of them.

1,089 cases were transferred to the courts for 686.8 million soms. The court decided in favor of the budget for 186 million soms on 322 cases.

4,260 fines for 19.6 million soms were imposed for untimely payment of taxes. 12.7 million soms were collected to the budget.