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Online service for checking and paying tax debts launched in Kyrgyzstan

The Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan has launched a service for checking and paying debts on taxes and insurance premiums through «taxpayer account» online. The press service of the state service reported.

Taxpayers can check and pay debts on taxes and insurance premiums on Cabinet.salyk.kg website without leaving their home or office, via a personal computer or smartphone. The service frees taxpayers from the need to visit tax authorities, banking institutions or search for payment terminals and the risks of making erroneous payments.

«To use this electronic service, the user needs to select «Checking debt and paying tax» section on the website Cabinet.salyk.kg in «Payment of Tax» module, where he or she can make a payment using a payment code or through a unique QR code. Additional information on using this service is available on the website Cabinet.salyk.kg in the «Manuals» section,» the Tax Service said.