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Tax payment procedure promised to be simplified in Kyrgyzstan

«We must work on optimization and eliminate some taxes,» Deputy Chairman of the Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan Islambek Kydyrgychov said on the air of Birinchi Radio.

According to him, there are seven types of taxes in Kyrgyzstan now.

Islambek Kydyrgychov admitted that some processes within the framework of their payment are complicated. These procedures need to be simplified.

«Steps for this have been taken. A single tax system has been in operation since 2023. This is a special tax regime when tax is levied on revenue at certain rates. For the garment industry it is 0.25 percent, trade — from 0 to 4 percent depending on turnover, services and catering — 4-6 percent. There was an order to study the experience of Japan and the United States in optimizing the tax system. There is no VAT and other related taxes that are difficult to calculate for both taxpayers and regulatory authorities. We will study the possibility of applying this in the Kyrgyz Republic,» he said.