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Residents of Tash-Dobo village complain about seizure of allotments

Residents of Tash-Dobo village (former Vorontsovka) complain about the seizure of their allotments. They told about this at a press conference today.

According to the ex- worker of forestry enterprise Bazarkul Dadanova, the chairman of the forestry trade union, Kanatbek Osmonov, arbitrarily created Samshit LLC and seized the plots. «I got the land in 1989. Those who had the opportunity, they immediately built houses. For family reasons, we could not build a dacha. But we informed that we will continue later, «she said.

«We do not know when he appointed himself the head of the dacha cooperative. We applied to the financial police, the courts, but Osmonov always turns out to be right, although we have all the documents for the land. We ask the president to deal with the situation. The commission should check Osmonov’s actions," Bazarkul Dadanova noted.