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Crashed Boeing 747 had no cargo for president on board

Temporary deputy commission of the Parliament to determine owners of the cargo on board of Boeing 747, which crashed on January 16, 2017, completed its work.

According to one of the members of the commission, Deputy Maksat Sabirov, they found out who was the owner of the cargo, and how many tons were on board of the aircraft.

«It transported post from all over the world, small cargoes. Only two tons of cargo was intended for Kyrgyzstan — lighters. But first they had to go to the logistics center located in Turkey, and only after that they had to be delivered to Kyrgyzstan. There was no cargo for the president of the country," Maksat Sabirov told 24.kg news agency.

He added that the airline representatives told the members of our government and the Speaker of the Parliament that the plane was supposed to refuel in Bishkek.

«We instructed the Prosecutor General’s Office to bring the investigation to the end," Maksat Sabirov said.

Earlier it was reported that the cargo in the plane — cellular phones, computers, money, precious metals and stones — belonged to the family of the president of the country.

35 Kyrgyz citizens and 4 crew members were killed in the crash of Boeing 747. Several dozens of houses were destroyed.