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Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan showed the German standard for asphalt laying

The Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbay Jeenbekov was showed a new technology of asphalt laying in one of Bishkek streets, the information department of the government reported.

According to it, this is the laying of a polymer-gravel-concrete mastic asphalt mixture on the Gagarin Street section in Ak-Ordo residential area.

Minister of Transport and Roads Zhamshitbek Kalilov said that the technology of laying such a mixture was adopted as a national standard in Germany since 1984, and since then this kind of asphalt is widely used in many countries.

«With the use of this technology, the strength and resistance of the coatings to cracking caused by low temperatures and loads increases, deformations caused by heavy loads are reduced. In the future, we plan to use this technology on all roads of the country," the press service quoted the minister.

He added that the cost of this technology is higher than currently used in Kyrgyzstan technology up to 10 percent, but it will improve the strength of roads by 1.5 times and increase the period of their operation by 1.6 times.

The Transport Ministry is instructed to introduce the technology and, if necessary, to make changes to the regulatory and legal framework that regulates this activity, the report said.