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13 trees fell in Bishkek during night, two cars seriously damaged

During the night, 13 trees fell in Bishkek, five twigs broke off, two cars were seriously damaged. «Zelenstroy» ME informed 24.kg news agency.

According to it, one car was on Ibraimov Street, the second one — at the intersection of Manas and Leningradskaya. «And a twig fell on a car on Togolok Moldo — Leningradskaya, it even don’t have scratches," the ME said.

When asked whether the municipal services will compensate for the damaged transport, Zelenstroi replied: «There will be a trial. The cars were not in parking spaces. Probably, there will be court hearing. In our practice, there have been cases of compensation for damage, but only after legal proceedings.»

The Bishkek Mayor's Office, in connection with unfavorable weather conditions, convincingly recommends guests and residents of the capital to be especially cautious, passing near trees and lightweight constructions.

«Due to high soil moisture, and also due to intense sap flow and rapid development of the crown, trees may fall. Therefore, the city administration, in order to avoid accidents, advises motorists not to park their cars next to trees. In addition, due to difficult weather conditions in the city, there is a possibility of an increase in traffic accidents," the municipality said today.