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China intends to increase used car shipments to Central Asia

Used car export enterprises in Southwest China are targeting the markets of Russia and Central Asia. Xinhua news agency reports.

It is noted that Russia and Central Asian countries have recently become the main target markets for Chinese used car export companies in Guizhou province in southwest China. In December 2022, Guiyang city, the administrative center of Guizhou province, became one of the areas approved for Chinese used car exports.

According to the city’s commerce department, in 2023, the export volume of vehicles in the said category from Guiyang exceeded 500 units and the total export value passed 100 million yuan, with more than 80 percent of the vehicles exported to Russia and Central Asian countries.

Located in the Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Guizhou Jingfei, a local digital supply chain management company, has gradually tapped used car markets in Eurasia, including Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in 2023.

«After visits and surveys, we learned that there is a growing demand for used cars and auto parts imported from China in Russia and Central Asian countries. This year, we continue to focus on the markets of Russia and Central Asian countries, planning to establish a complete used auto export chain,» Zhao Zhouliang, general manager of Guizhou Jingfei, said.

According to the city’s commerce department, Guiyang will start building a used car export base to guarantee a full service process for relevant companies. An online and offline service system will be established and a public service platform for used car exports will be launched.

At the next stage, Guiyang will continue to support used car export enterprises in setting up overseas retail and after-sales service outlets, wholesale exhibition centers, overseas warehouses and other branches to help further improve the sales and service system.