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Property of Bakiyev: courts, scandals, criminal cases

Three months were not enough for the deputies of the Kyrgyz Parliament to find out the fate of objects that once belonged to the fugitive president of the country Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his entourage. They asked for another month to say exactly where this property had gone.

There is nobody to buy

After the revolution of 2010 and the overthrow of Bakiyev, all the property that belonged to him, his relatives and associates, was nationalized. The new authorities tried to do it. In fact, not everything was confiscated in favor of the state.

After April 7, 2010, the interim government nationalized 47 facilities. 26 objects of them have been transferred to the state, the rest –are sold with varying success until now.

Including 16 state-owned enterprises that have been transferred to operational management, one - to municipal property, two - to the government office in Issyk-Kul region, seven - to the State Property Management Fund. The assets of Chakan HPP were transferred to the National Energy Holding. Another 21 objects are subject to privatization. Six of them have already been privatized for 181.2 million soms.

The most expensive object that had been sold at auction is AsiaUniversalBank. It has been sold for 193 million soms.

100 percent of shares of Petrol Group LLC were sold for 170 million soms. Yacht Bavaria Cruise was sold for 2 million soms and became the cheapest object.

The State Agency for Sport and Physical Culture, the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism, Jalal-Abad Administration, the Constitutional Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of Jalal-Abad are now located in some of the nationalized buildings. In addition, the cars of Kurmanbek Bakiyev and his relatives were transferred to the Department of Presidential Affairs, the Parliament and the State National Security Committee.

However, most of the objects still remain a suitcase without a handle. The state does not want to maintain them, and can not sell them.

It’s not that the authorities do not want to sell the objects. They were repeatedly put up for sale. But investors are not in a hurry to buy disputable property even at a fair price. It is understandable. Former owners up to this day are actively trying to regain their hard-earned property.

«83 court proceedings were held on the nationalized objects, 64 of them were completed. Many people want to recognize the decrees of the provisional government invalid and return their property. This is mainly connected with the courts," Oleg Pankratov, Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, told the SDPK faction deputies.

Skryabin Street plot and resignation of Sarpashev

In the first years after the revolution, the public was interested in everything that concerned the property of the fugitive president. Then everyone forgot about him somehow. The scandal over the objects flared up with renewed vigor, when in early February the Prosecutor General’s Office proposed to the Prime Minister to dismiss the head of the State Registration Service Taiyrbek Sarpashev.

«Being aware that the issues with the search and confiscation of the property of Maxim Bakiyev and his associates are under the scrutiny of the public and the state, Sarpashev sent a direct written instruction to the Bishkek State Registration office on November 30, 2016 to cancel the seizure of real estate, located at the address: Bishkek, Skryabin Street, 45 and 45a," the State Prosecutor General’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic said.

The Chairman of SRS Taiyrbek Sarpashev told the Bishkek State Registration Office to execute the decision of the Inter-district Court of the capital dated June 25, 2014 to cancel the arrest of immovable property located at Skryabin Street, 45-45A, Bishkek.

The property, which was seized by the prosecutor’s office, belonged to Ulyana Pak, the trustee of Maxim Bakiyev.

After the scandal, Taiyrbek Sarpashev was temporarily suspended from the duties of the chairman of the SRS. The property is again under arrest. Proceedings continue. Now the land plot was transferred to the State Property Management Fund for temporary storage.

After the clamor, the deputies, led by the ex-head of Kyrgyzstan faction Kanat Isayev, created a temporary commission. It had to study all the facts of the high-profile case. At the same time, the parliamentarians decided to deal with other ex-president’s objects. The commission is interested in the nationalization of the Kyrgyzkomur state enterprise, the sale of refueling stations of Rosneft oil company, nationalization of Vityaz recreation house and the fate of the printing office Continent Print.

A lot of property

Last week, the deputies suddenly asked for more time for the work of the interim commission. Kanat Isayev noted that information about 15 other objects belonging to the Bakiyevs family and not transferred to the category of state property appeared.

It is not clear yet what kind of surprises the deputy commission is preparing. It is possible that they are interested in Ala-Too hotel. Fergana agency found out that the building of the hotel, owned by Maxim Bakiyev’s associates, was sold to a private company.

In May 2014, Bishkekglavarkhitectura deprived Ala-Too hotel of its status of a monument of history and culture. The deputies of the Parliament first resented and demanded from the Prosecutor General’s Office to check the case for the corrupt schemes. But after a couple of months, everyone forgot about this, and the building was demolished. Until May 2009, the hotel was on the balance of the Bishkek City Hall. Then it was sold to Gulfstream Stroy Company for 4.2 million soms.

The company was registered in 2007 and belongs to Building Construction Group Company. The founders of the latter — First Construction Company CJSC — are Ulyana Pak and Denis Gladyshev, who in May 2016 were sentenced to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property in absentia.

«The Commission is called «the commission to study issues related to the facts of sale of the land plot located on Skryabin Street 45-45a, as well as other objects. «There is information about other property. Two folders with letters from investigative bodies, courts and prosecutors are prepared on the issue why these objects were not nationalized. Some of the structures have not yet given their replies," the MP explained.

By the way, while Kanat Isayev and associates scrupulously search for millions of Bakiyev, Prosecutor General’s Office collects facts against him. The deputy, we recall, is accused of corruption. Parliament members meanwhile promised that they would present their sensational revelations before the Parliament leaves for the summer holidays. Presumably, the commission will announce its findings in mid-June. Another sensation with loud revelations before the very start of the presidential election race is warranted.