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Gazprom Kyrgyzstan reduces cost of laying gas pipes in houses

The company Gazprom Kyrgyzstan minimized the cost of laying gas pipes in the homes of residents. Deputy Director General of the company Murat Sulaimanov said this at the ceremony of launching the gas distribution station in the capital’s Keramicheskiy residential area.

According to him, the company builds distribution networks along the streets, and connection of a house is made at the expense of the homeowner. «Taking into account that the population has a difficult life, we have met halfway and reduced the cost of laying gas pipelines in houses," Murat Sulaimanov said.

As he noted, the cost of laying one meter of pipes was reduced to 300 som. «Our company has no profit of these works. It is made to maximally connect the population to gas," the Deputy General Director said.

He also added that the price of natural gas for residents, where gas is being connected, will be the same as for current consumers — about 14 soms per cubic meter.

According to him, the company plans to build 300 km of gas pipes in 2017, which will provide the village of Leninskoye, Tokmak, Kara-Balta, Kant, Sokuluk village, as well as the residential districts of the capital Ak-Orgo, Ak-Ordo, Kolmo with gas.