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Akborzhon Jalilov deported from Turkey in 2016

The alleged St. Petersburg suicide bomber Akhbarzhon Jalilov was deported from Turkey in December 2016, Turkish edition Yeni Akit reported.

It is reported that the exact period of his stay in Turkey is unknown. But after Jalilov was blacklisted, he didn’t leave the country for another year and was there illegally, journalists said.

Information about the deportation of Akbarzhon Jalilov in December 2016 was confirmed. Jalilov arrived in Turkey in November 2015 and was there for 13 months.

«In December 2016, he wanted to leave the country through Antalya. When he tried to do this, it turned out that Jalilov had exceeded the terms of stay in the country. He was offered to pay a large fine or deportation, blacklisting and a ban on visiting the country for five years. Jalilov chose the second option. To leave for Russia, he had to apply to the Russian Consulate General of Turkey," RBK notes.

On April 4, the Investigative Committee of Russia named the 22-year-old Akbarzhon Jalilov a man who made an explosion in the metro of St. Petersburg. Later it turned out that he had recently worked in a car repair shop.

The explosion in the St. Petersburg metro occurred on April 3. Victims of the terrorist attack became 14 people, more than 50 were injured.