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Kyrgyzstan introduces school textbooks rent again

School textbooks rent was repeatedly introduced in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Education and Science informed 24.kg news agency.

According to it, piloting of the project is being conducted in 40 schools of Zhaiyl district of Chui region, the rent is collected from the primary school students. In case of success, the idea will be implemented all over the republic.

The rent system, which allowed accumulating funds for the replacement of old books and the development of new textbooks, had been introduced in Kyrgyzstan in 1996. It existed for 10 years.

«For several years, it helped to solve many problems — to improve the situation with providing schoolchildren with educational literature, replication problem, to solve the issue of the delivery of textbooks to schools and other. The mechanisms for renting textbooks now are the same. At the same time, the category of beneficiaries has been expanded, and the proposed system will only apply to textbooks that meet new educational standards," the Ministry of Education explained.

A textbook rent fee is 20 soms. The sum was calculated from the average cost of a textbook, the service life and the annual increase in the number of students.

Socially vulnerable school students will be exempted of the rent payment. They will get textbooks from school libraries at the expense of the state budget. It is planned to introduce substantial privileges for a part of the students.

«Currently, the school textbooks rent system is the most effective form of accumulation of extrabudgetary funds for publication of textbooks. The experience of such countries as Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Georgia and Tajikistan proves its advantage for achieving full provision of schools with educational literature," the Ministry of Education noted.

Officials started talking about return of the school textbooks rent in September 2016.