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Rally against withdrawal of land for public purposes held in Bishkek

Peaceful protest of citizens for the protection of private property is held at the Old Square of Bishkek. The initiative group of the protest said that it required to withdraw the amendments to the Land, Housing and Civil Codes as far back as on September 1, 2016. The Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic initiated changes in order to lift the ban on the withdrawal of land plots for the maintenance of residential houses and farm households.

According to participant of the peaceful protest Gulmira Ibraimova, «the bill is raider one». «Its essence lies in the fact that the law allows to withdraw real property of any citizen of Kyrgyzstan and to do this under the pretext of public needs. We had planned to gather a lot of people at the peaceful rally, but mass protests over the arrest of MP Tekebayev started in Bishkek. In order to avoid provocations, we decided to do it in a small amount," she said.

«There are 50 people at the time. These are people who fight for their rights. We will, likely, not be heard today, but we ask the government to withdraw the bill within 10 days. Otherwise, we will start public movement for the dissolution of the government," Gulmira Ibraimova said.