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Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry hands KR note on statements of president Atambayev

Yesterday, on February 21, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan invited the Chargé d’affaires of Kyrgyzstan Kaynarbek Toktomushev, the MFA of Kazakhstan reported.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Galymzhan Koishybayev handed Kyrgyz diplomat a note, which expressed «surprise and disagreement in connection with the statement of the President of Kyrgyzstan on February 17, 2017» on the air of Euronews TV channel.

The document states that during the various negotiations at all levels up to the present time, the official Bishkek hasn’t raised the issue of «blockade and human victims." According to the Kazakh side, it indicates the opportunism of its appearance in the current environment.

Earlier, the Kyrgyz leadership has repeatedly emphasized the role of Kazakhstan in the settlement of the crisis situation in the neighboring country in the spring of 2010. The same assessment was given by many international organizations.

The official position of Astana on this issue is set out in the Statement of the MFA of Kazakhstan dated May 19, 2010, which pointed out that «from the first day of the tragic events in Kyrgyzstan in April, Kazakhstan provides assistance and support to the brotherly people both bilaterally and as the OSCE chairman. Humanitarian aid was provided, international cargo and passenger transportation, the movement of students and school students haven’t stopped.»

«As chairman of the OSCE, Kazakhstan immediately appointed Ambassador Zhanibek Karibzhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Majilis and the chairman of the Kazakh-Kyrgyz parliamentary group on cooperation as the Special Envoy of the OSCE in Bishkek. In close coordination with the UN and EU envoys, he played a big role in the establishment of political dialogue and removal of tension in Kyrgyzstan: as known, a referendum was successfully organized in the country and subsequently democratic elections were held, stability and order were established," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan noted.

In addition,  there was appointed Special Envoy of the President of Kazakhstan in Kyrgyzstan, who held a series of meetings with the leadership of the interim government of the Kyrgyz Republic on discussion of ways out of the crisis.

«At the same time ,Kazakhstan promptly sent forces to help its neighbor, and immediately gave fuel and seeds in order to support the sowing campaign in the country," the Foreign Ministry added.

In general, Kazakhstan sent humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan worth more than $ 11.6 million.

As a result of these and other measures taken by the Kazakh leadership, one managed to avoid a further escalation that could lead to the loss of many lives.

In conclusion, the Kazakh side declares adherence to the spirit of traditional brotherly relations between the two nations and to the Treaty on allied relations between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.