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Special services record outflow of militants from Syria to home countries

Special services recorded outflow of militants from the Syrian conflict area to the countries of their residence. Colonel General Andrey Novikov told reporters in Moscow at the 10th meeting of the heads of the CIS anti-terrorist centers, TASS reported.

«The information that is confirmed by our partners shows that the number of militants who are trying to penetrate into Syria-Iraq zone, is declining now, and the process of return of this kind of public into the countries of their residence is ongoing," Andrey Novikov said.

One of the topics of the meeting was the issue, related to the border regime and filtration of militants who return from the combat zones.

In addition, according to Andrey Novikov, the theme of combating terrorism financing in CIS, information exchange in the fight against terrorism and other violent manifestations of extremism and their financing draft agreement of the Commonwealth countries will be also discussed.

«The agreement was signed a long time ago, and now it is being adopted by the states," the General said. According to him, it will strengthen the operational cooperation of the special services.

We will exchange classified information between the intelligence agencies of the Commonwealth states concerning the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Andrey Novikov
Topic of the meeting was dictated by the situation in Afghanistan -Pakistan and Syria-Iraq areas, where there is a concentration of the capacity of the international terrorist organization Islamic State.