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Parliament approves resignation of Prosecutor General Kurmankul Zulushev

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan gave its consent to the resignation of Prosecutor General Kurmankul Zulushev from his post at his own request.

«Kurmankul Toktoralievich worked well. He served the fatherland without sparing himself. All of us have seen how much good he has done. I hope he will still serve for the good of the motherland. He respected the state language and was the only prosecutor who traveled the country and personally listened to the complaints of the population. Wherever he is, let him be healthy,» MP Balbak Tulobaev said.

The Prosecutor General of Kyrgyzstan Kurmankul Zulushev wrote a voluntary resignation letter to the president. He was appointed to this position on October 21, 2020. The relevant parliamentary committee approved his resignation yesterday, June 4.

Earlier, President Sadyr Japarov reprimanded Prosecutor General Kurmankul Zulushev and Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision Melis Turgunbaev.