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Russia to allocate 2.1 billion rubles for reclamation of tailing dumps

MP Meikinbek Abdaliev said at a session of the Parliament that it was rumored that another country, not the Soviet Union, mined uranium in Kyrgyzstan during World War II. Deputy Emergency Situations Minister Azamat Mambetov refuted his words.

«We move tailing dumps from place to place every 5-10 years. How much money has been spent on this, how much damage has been done to the environment and the population?» the MP asked.

Azamat Mambetov replied that in 2013 Russia provided Kyrgyzstan with 2,070 billion rubles for the reclamation of tailing dumps. The works carried out at the expense of this money in Mailuu-Suu and Kadzhi-Sai are nearing completion.

«In addition, last year a decree was issued, according to which the Russian Federation will provide us with 2,141 more billion rubles. It was signed on March 24 of this year in Sochi, and in the near future we will submit ratification of the agreement for consideration by the Parliament,» the Deputy Minister said.

He noted that international donors have raised €44 million at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to combat tailing dumps. These funds will be distributed between Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The Kyrgyz Republic will receive €28 million.