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Sadyr Japarov speaks about work of Radio Azattyk and criticizes it

The President of Kyrgyzstan believes that Radio Azattyk was against his coming to power. Sadyr Japarov stated this in his second interview with Kabar news agency this week, commenting on the October events of 2020.

«Who knows, maybe they received orders to be against from their foreign owners. At the same time, they announced to the world that Sadyr Japarov was supported only by «convicts,» and all the ordinary people who then gathered on the square were also «convicts.» The people who gathered on the square were outraged by such false information, they came to Azattyk office and said: «We will destroy it and burn it,» he said.

According to the head of state, now the people hate Azattyk and do not believe their information.

«After this, people began to hate Azattyk. Now Kyrgyzstanis do not believe most of the information from Azattyk. They know that these are orders from their chiefs, who finance them from the outside. People now are not the same as 20-30 years ago, they are completely different. The people know like the back of their hand who is who, what good is being done, what shortcomings we have,» said Sadyr Japarov.

It should be noted that Radio Azattyk was also criticized under all the previous authorities of the country, who repeatedly tried to close this media outlet.