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UNICEF provides waste management supplies to healthcare facilities in Kyrgyzstan

UNICEF provided waste management supplies to health care facilities in Kyrgyzstan. The press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

The supplies, worth over 15 million soms, are aimed at improving safety of medical waste management.

UNICEF handed over needle cutters, special containers for used needles, buckets and sanitation bags to health care facilities across the country to improve medical waste management. These supplies are provided as part of Gavi’s COVID-19 Delivery Support (CDS) program implemented by UNICEF.

These supplies will be distributed to 1,735 vaccination sites in the country: the stock is expected to cover the needs of these institutions for almost two years.

«Safety of medical personnel and the general population is of utmost priority for UNICEF. We will continue to support Kyrgyzstan in making sure that medical waste is disposed properly and in having a sustainable system in place» Cristina Brugiolo, UNICEF Representative in Kyrgyzstan a.i., said.

«In Kyrgyzstan, the health care system produces more than 10,000 metric tons of waste every year. Even though it makes up only about 2-3 percent of the total amount of waste, it is one of the most dangerous ones. Waste from medical institutions contains dangerous microorganisms, toxic drugs, and carries a radiological hazard. Therefore, the issue of their disposal needs to be taken very seriously. Each type of medical waste must be dealt with in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner,» the Health Ministry added.