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Kazakhstan hopes to cover domestic gas deficit through supplies from Russia

Kazakhstan expects to cover the projected domestic gas deficit through supplies from Russia. The country’s Energy Minister Almasadam Satkaliev said, Interfax reports.

«Currently, we are seeing a steady increase in gas consumption within the country, associated with the development of industrial projects, construction of energy facilities. In general, this set of measures leads to the fact that at some point we will have to reduce our gas exports to China and to supply gas from Russia until the commissioning of processing capacities,» he told reporters in Parliament.

«Completion of these projects (industrial ones — Note of Interfax) is planned for 2028-2029. That is, until the moment of commissioning of these capacities we have the opportunity to accept additional volume of gas from Russia, which will cover the needs of our economy,» Almasadam Satkaliev said.

Uzbekistan has also signed an agreement on supplies of Russian gas. Fuel is also supplied to Kyrgyzstan from the Russian Federation.