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Russian Border Guard Service buys buildings in center of Bishkek

The Russian Federal Border Guard Service acquires two buildings in the center of Bishkek. It was announced yesterday at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on international affairs, defense and security.

According to Mirlan Bakirov, Chairman of the State Property Management Fund, an agreement was signed between Kyrgyzstan and Russia on cooperation on border issues in 1999.

«Under the agreement, Kyrgyzstan undertook to provide the operational group of the Federal Border Guard Service of Russia with barracks, service and residential premises and finance the costs of their maintenance. At the beginning, buildings were allocated in a military unit in the village of Novopokrovka, but in 2013 they fell into disrepair. The operational group of the Federal Border Guard Service of Russia at its own expense rented buildings on Zhibek Zholu Avenue (No. 539) and on Kerimbekov Street (No. 107) in Bishkek.

In the proposed agreement, Russia wants to purchase these buildings. Since land in Kyrgyzstan is not sold to foreigners, our side undertakes to register the plots as state land and lease them for 49 years,» the head of the State Property Management Fund told.

According to Mirlan Bakirov, real estate becomes the property of Russia. Kyrgyzstan will buy the land from Global Invest private company.

«The area of ​​one plot is 1,240 square meters, the second one is 593 square meters. Another 766 square meters is a municipal land plot. There are 2,599 square meters in total. This is about 25 ares of land,» the official said.