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SCNS: Young people planned violent seizure of power in Kyrgyzstan

Activities of a criminal group planning violent seizure of power in the country have been suppressed. Press center of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) reported.

Security forces received information about a group of people planning to organize provocations to destabilize the situation in the country immediately after the elections, followed by a violent seizure of power. A criminal case was initiated on the fact under the article «Preparation for violent seizure of power» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic.

«We have obtained irrefutable evidence of the criminal activity of a group of persons under the leadership of some destructive political forces, including parliament members and former high-ranking officials. After announcement of the results of the upcoming parliamentary elections, citizens planned to organize rallies in Bishkek with violent seizure of power. They recruited about 1,000 aggressive young people to organize mass protests. Systematic meetings were held with them, aimed at their ideological indoctrination against state structures; plans to provoke mass riots were discussed,» the SCNS said.

The state committee noted that searches were carried out at the places of residence of the members of the group and in the office they rented, where, in addition to documentary materials, firearms, ammunition and drugs were found and seized.

«More than 15 suspects have been detained. Other members of the criminal group are also being identified within the case, an appropriate legal assessment will also be given to their actions,» the State Committee for National Security informed.

It is known that the security services detained members of Chui Yntymagy and El Yntymagy NGOs Azamat Musakeev and Nurbek Kalekeyev.

Elections are scheduled for November 28 in Kyrgyzstan. At least 54 deputies of the Parliament are elected according to a proportional system (from open lists of candidates of political parties) in single electoral districts, 36 deputies are elected according to the majoritarian system in single-mandate constituencies.