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Internal Affairs Ministry reports details of detention of Orozaiym Narmatova

An activist of Butun Kyrgyzstan party, Orozaiym Narmatova, was detained on behalf of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, she is to be taken to Bishkek. Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed 24.kg news agency.

The leader of Men Makul Emesmin (I do not agree) and Menin Ukugum Bar (I have rights) public movements in Moscow, a member of Butun Kyrgyzstan party Orozaiym Narmatova has been living in Russia for several years.

At meetings, Narmatova constantly expresses unfounded criticism against the country’s leadership in order to increase the protest potential among both migrants and citizens living in Kyrgyzstan.

Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

«Publications of Orozaiym Narmatova contain a negative response and discrediting of the authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic. The activist’s activities indicate the presence of signs of biased coverage of the socio-political process for formation of negative public opinion, creation of conditions and prerequisites for inciting regional hostility and the violent seizure of power. The materials are registered under the article «Incitement of racial, ethnic, national, religious or interregional hostility (hatred)» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic,» the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

Orozaiym Narmatova was detained at the Osh airport. She tried to leave for Moscow. It is known that the activist came to the funeral of her brother.