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Ministry of Economy and Finance tells about development of Batken region

In connection with the bill on granting a special status to Batken region, a plan has been developed for implementation of large projects. Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance of Kyrgyzstan, Zharasul Abduraimov, announced today at a press conference.

Together with the subordinate institute for development of economic policy, a proposal was considered on the types of industrial enterprises that could be opened in the region. First of all, it is processing of agricultural products.

«For example, there is Alyshdan company, which is developing well in this direction. We will work with it, develop, create jobs, open new workshops for processing of fruits and vegetables,» Zharasul Abduraimov told.

In addition, the regional administration and local self-government bodies have already received data on natural resources in the region. They also received information on large, small and medium-sized enterprises that are planned to be opened in the region. As for the major projects, it is planned to build a glass plant for at least $ 250 million. Thanks to it, a deposit of quartz sands will be developed in Leilek district.

«In addition, coal mining will be resumed using a new technology in Sulukta. In general, it is necessary to resume the work of mines and development of coal deposits, which are located in Leilek district and the city of Sulukta. There are many interesting deposits and natural resources in Batken region. I’m not talking about precious metals, but only about non-metallic minerals that are in the region. They could be quickly developed. There is a plan for production of natural pigments. We are calculating, preparing business plans, feasibility studies. We must carefully study the technology of production of natural dyes from these pigments,» Zharasul Abduraimov noted.

As for travertine mining, there are plans not only for its extraction and production of slabs for construction, but also for use of production waste. It will be proposed to use the technology of composite stones.

«There is a prospect for Batken region to enter the markets of Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan in the next five years,» the official concluded.