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Pakistani students hold rally demanding their documents

Students of the Eurasian International Medical University (EIMU) hold a rally in Bishkek. The protesters told 24.kg news agency.

They demand to return them their documents. The medical students have previously complained to 24.kg news agency about this.

«We are studying medicine here. The Pakistan Medical Commission included EIMU in the list C and instructed students to no longer study at this university and to transfer to any other university in list A, whether in Kyrgyzstan or in any other country. Therefore, we requested an academic transcript from the university for the past six months in order to transfer. But the university administration does not give us the documents,» students say.

Rector of EIMU Esen Saliev, commenting to 24.kg news agency why the university administration does not give documents to Pakistani students, said that they have arrears under the contract and academic disciplines.

Students stress that they have no arrears.

«Those who had arrears were expelled from the university. The rest of the students are simply not allowed to transfer to other universities or leave. Some have been deliberately failed on the exams so that they retake them and stay. The administration has already threatened us that we would be expelled from the country, deported, and not given documents. But none of us wants to ruin our future and waste our two years spent here, as well as our money,» they said.

Students applied to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Embassy of Pakistan in the Kyrgyz Republic, but without result.

«We just demand what legally belongs to us — our documents,» they told.