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Mars Sariev tells how situation in Afghanistan can affect Kyrgyzstan

The situation in Afghanistan remains under the close scrutiny of the world community. The radical Taliban movement declared full control over the entire territory of the country. The President Ashraf Ghani stepped down from office and left the republic. His whereabouts are unknown yet.

«The situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban took control over the entire territory remains alarming, and it is correct that the leadership of Kyrgyzstan, represented by the President Sadyr Japarov, monitors it hourly,» a political analyst Mars Sariev said commenting on the developments to 24.kg news agency.

According to him, one should not think that the situation in Afghanistan will have no impact on the CIS countries, in particular on the states of Central Asia, including Kyrgyzstan.

«There is a very big threat that the ideas of the Islamic Caliphate, the ideas of Islamic justice can find ground in our republic,» the expert believes.

According to him, therefore, the fight against corruption and strong stratification of society should be continued in order the Kyrgyzstanis to feel social justice.

«The danger is not so much the invasion of the Taliban themselves, but their ideas about social justice. If there is a strong social stratification in the state — a very small percentage of rich people and a poor majority, then, of course, the ideas of Islamic justice can fall on fertile soil. Therefore, in conditions of falling living standards and social tension, the authorities of Kyrgyzstan should pay very close attention to this,» Mars Sariev advises officials.

He believes that it is unlikely that the Taliban will invade other countries, but there are uncontrolled groups and terrorist groups in Afghanistan, such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, Anasrullah and many others that are not under the control of the Taliban. Therefore, it is possible that they can be involved in destabilization in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and affect Kyrgyzstan.

«We must not calm down, there is a real danger,» the expert concluded.