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Afghanistan: Arkady Dubnov about concerns of Central Asian countries

Arkady Dubnov, a well-known political scientist and expert on Central Asia, commented on the situation in Afghanistan.

He also answered the question is there something that Central Asian countries should be worried about.

«We have talked about it many times. The Taliban are not suicides; they will not shoot themselves in the leg. They understand that they will be given an opportunity to rule Afghanistan, to establish their Sharia order as it seems natural to them only if they do not threaten the security of the countries surrounding Afghanistan. There has not been a single case of extremism, terrorism with participation of the Taliban outside Afghanistan for 27 years of the Taliban’s existence,» the political scientist shared his opinion.

The radical Taliban movement, after the announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. troops in the spring of 2021, launched an offensive against the positions of the Afghan army and by August had established control over most of the territory of Afghanistan. The day before, full control over the entire territory of the country was announced. The President Ashraf Ghani stepped down from office.