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COVID-19: Israel bans travel to Kyrgyzstan

The list of «red» and «orange» countries has been expanded from July 23, visits to which are prohibited or restricted for citizens of Israel due to the coronavirus epidemic. News.ru reports.

According to the media outlet, travel to Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, Russia, Mexico, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Spain and Kyrgyzstan is prohibited for Israelis.

The state authorities also added the UK, Georgia, Cyprus and Turkey to the red list (the decision will come into force on July 30).

To travel to these countries, Israelis need special permission from the commission on exceptional cases. After returning from these countries, the vaccinated must pass a coronavirus testing and will be able to end quarantine after receiving a negative result.

Unvaccinated people must pass a coronavirus test upon return and stay quarantined for seven days. They will be able to end quarantine after receiving a negative test result.

Earlier, Kyrgyzstan established a list of states in respect of which a visa-free regime is introduced for a period of up to 60 days. It also includes Israel.