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Fuel prices could grow by 6-10 percent during the month in Kyrgyzstan

Prices could grow by 6-10 percent, or by 3-5 soms, in the market of fuels and lubricants in Kyrgyzstan in July-August. The Association of Oil Traders of Kyrgyzstan reports.

The head of the Association noted in an interview with 24.kg news agency that the price of AI 92 gasoline is expected to grow by 8-10 percent (4-5.5 soms), and price of AI 95 and diesel fuel — by 5-6 percent (2- 3 soms). At the same time, oil traders intend to continue the policy of smoothing price increases and prevention of charp changes.

«The rise in prices is due to the fact that the prices at Russian factories have grown by $ 70 per tonne for gasoline and by $60 — for diesel over the past month. That is additional 5.5 soms and 4.2 soms per liter of fuel, respectively. The rapid growth in the selling prices at Russian refineries has continued since the beginning of 2021. Since the beginning of the year, the price for the gasoline group has grown from $ 300 to $ 650 per tonne, which is 25 soms per liter of fuel on average. As for diesel fuel, the selling price increased from $ 400 to $ 560 that is about 18 soms per liter of fuel,» the Association of Oil Traders said.

At the same time, gasoline in Kyrgyzstan has risen in price by 16.5 soms since the beginning of the year, and diesel fuel — by 12.8 soms.