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Andrew Kuchins' wife tells why her husband ordered banned drugs

Wife of the former president of AUCA, Andrew Kuchins, Elena Torshina told during the trial why her husband ordered drugs that are prohibited in Kyrgyzstan from the United States.

According to her, her husband has been taking the medicines for more than 15 years.

«I am very surprised and discouraged by this event. My husband has been taking the drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor for 15 years. Before coming from America, we studied the website of the Kyrgyz Embassy. It said that import of all medicines prescribed by a doctor to a specific patient was allowed. When we came here last time, my husband brought them with him. But due to the situation with the coronavirus, we are not able to travel to the United States and bring medicines again. Therefore, he asked his sister to send them,» Elena Torshina told.

She noted that she and her husband have been living in Bishkek for two years. All this time, Andrew Kuchins continued to take these drugs.

«We didn’t even imagine that this could happen. Until the last moment, there were no problems. In America, this drug is regulated by a doctor who has a license to prescribe this drug,» the wife of the former president of AUCA concluded.

Andrew Kuchins is charged under the articles of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic «Smuggling of items, for which special rules for movement across the customs border are established», «Illegal manufacture of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their analogues without the purpose of sale», as well as «Illegal manufacture of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors without purpose of sale in small amounts» of the Code of Offences.

In March, a parcel arrived for Andrew Kuchins with a package inside marked as «Documents». «The results of the study of the submitted samples of substances in the form of pills of white and yellow colors, capsules of blue and red-white colors have been obtained. According to the conclusion of the examination, the pills submitted for the study contain a psychotropic substance,» the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.