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Deputy Nikitenko calls on country's authorities to unveil anti-crisis measures

Member of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Natalya Nikitenko appealed to the country’s authorities. She asks to stop political repression and tackle economic problems.

As the deputy explained to 24.kg news agency, a demand for justice has grown in society, however, the arrests and detentions of the last days demonstrate a fight against unwanted people, and not a desire to find the true culprits.

«No one can explain why there is a series of arrests and detentions of businessmen, then they are released for payment. There is no exact data on the funds transferred to the budget, their benefits for the treasury and where they are directed. Nothing is known. The Kumtor case is also incomprehensible. Why was Omurbek Babanov, who returned the land, forced the Canadians to take measures to protect the environment, placed in remand prison, and the people who participated in the development of agreements on Kumtor not in favor of the interests of our people were given positions? » Natalya Nikitenko asks.

She reminded about economic crisis, drought in the country, that the tourist season would pass without foreign tourists and under conditions of restrictions and about the fact that the bulk of the population is in the category of the poor.

«In the fall, there will again be an increase in food prices and growth of the dollar exchange rate. It will also be marked by the lack of reserves at the National Bank, and the halt of the rest of the business. The crisis is the largest. How are we going to get out? What are your plans? There are no answers. This is what we need to think about now. Business is under the savage pressure of law enforcement agencies, it will be drained to the end, society is crushed by anti-social laws such as the law on NGOs and fakes, which we should not have passed. It’s time to get down to earth,» Natalya Nikitenko believes.

According to her, public consent, concerted efforts of the state, business and society are necessary.

She demands to present a clear anti-crisis plan and announce what measures the Cabinet of Ministers intends to take to combat the third wave of coronavirus.