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Elvira Surabaldieva: Businessmen need loans with low interest

Interest on loan payments for small and medium-sized businesses must be slowed down at least until September. MP Elvira Surabaldieva commented to 24.kg news agency on the third package of support measures for entrepreneurs.

According to her, there should be no interest and deductions. Financial injections into the sector of small and medium-sized businesses are definitely needed — low-interest, almost interest-free loans to receive new money.

«Yes, it sounds fantastic, but small and medium-sized businesses are now shocked by what is happening — they are constantly checked, number of their visitors is limited. It is at least odd to break in in broad daylight with a check and to fine. They come to my relatives almost every day,» Elvira Surabaldieva said.

The deputy noted that the Tax Service will demand payment of taxes from July 1.

«Businessmen were exempted from payments of rent for municipal land in Moscow. Tenants of municipal property were not exempted from anything in our country. Tax officers call businessmen and demand to re-predict approximate amount of income. It turned out that the local tax service was given the task to find out how much money can be raised from the business. Another support for those who continue to provide jobs to citizens and do not reduce their salaries would be abolition of social deductions,» Elvira Surabaldieva added.